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As the title suggests, here we've placed the most frequent asked questions. If you have a question not found here, please use the Contact Us page to send a message to the Webmaster Stephen Herd - VP South Central Region or your regional VP.

What should I do if I keep getting an error that says the system can't find me when I try to reset my password?

On a password reset request the system looks for you using your name and email address to find a matching record in the database. If you are not using the same information you used when you registered (or when you last updated your user profile) the system will not find a match and respond with the "Can't find you in the system" message. If you can't remember these values, you may nee to contact your regional VP or the webmaster to recover that information.

A tip to help you recover your profile information if you forget it often is to open your user profile while logged into the system and take a picture of your user profile page. It contains all the information needed to recover your password in the future. Well, as long as you don't forget your phone!

How can I get my username if I forgot it?

The only way to recover your username if you forgot it is to request it from your regional VP or from the webmaster. Please contact them using your work email to be sure they recognize your identity.

A tip to help you recover your username if you forget it often is to open your user profile while logged into the system and take a picture of your user profile page. It contains your username as well as the email address you used to register on the system.

What is the procedure for conference registration?

Conference registration has four basic steps.

  1. Website Registration - You must be registered and approved as an association member before you get access to the conference registration tools.
  2. Conference Registration - You must login to the website to access the Conference Registration link. Click the link to find the form for conference registration. Fill out the form and submit. You should see verification of successful registration. At this time you have secured your conference fees and can print the conference package including the conference invoice to provide your school.
  3. Hotel Registration - Each attendee must book their own hotel room for the conference in order to ensure a room at the conference hotel. Please see the information under the Hotel Information link on this site for details.
  4. Breakout Session Registration - As the conference date gets closer, the breakout session schedule will be finalized. Once it is complete, members are encouraged to register for the sessions. The sessions can be registered at any time before the conference, but session attendance is limited and last minute sessions may be full. It is always better to register for your desired sessions as soon as possible. Please return to the site periodically to check for session details.

 How do I get an invoice for my school to pay the fees?

After you have registered for the conference, you can click the Get Printable Invoice link. The Invoice page will load to give you the final pricing. You can print this page using your browser's print tools or click the Print Registration Packet button to print a complete conference packet with hotel information and agenda.

Is my hotel room reserved when I register for the conference?

No. You must contact the hotel directly to register for a room for your self. A block of rooms has been created for our confernece, but the number of rooms is limited. Please use the link to the hotel registration page located on the Hotel Information page of this site to register for a room.

What if I want to change my breakout sessions?

You can change your scheduled breakout sessions at any time. The only restriction is that some sessions will fill up and will block additional registrations. If you want to change to an available session, go to the Breakout Sessions page and make your new selections and submit. You should see you new sessions displayed.

Why should I update my profile if I'm not going to the conference?

This site is used by the IAGMASEP Board of Directors to identify instructors from around the country and provide them with marketing materials and other communications. Please login periodically to update your profile even if you don't attend the conference. We collect this information to aid in making program decisions and providing program resources. Some of the information we collect is:

We also collect location and contact information on schools. This information is used to identify the location and contacts at each school to promote programs to site visitors.



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